Day Play! What's Happening When....or sorta When!

  Well you know how it is with agendas and schedules...they "flex." But here's a   best bet of when things might happen at OktoberFest!

   11:00 am - 4:00 pm - All Makes European Car Show (If you come early, enjoy      the cars until the grove opens up at Noon.

   12:00 pm - Check into the Grove Area - get ID'd and banded to drink - ENJOY!

   12:30 pm - Get up on the floor and learn to Polka and Chicken Dance

   1:00 pm - Brat Toss Contest

   2:00 pm - Women's Stein Hoisting Contest

   2:15 pm - Best Dressed Bavarian Family Contest

   2:30 pm - Remedial Polka & Chicken Dance Training (for those who didn't          get it the first time )

   3:00 pm - Men's Stein Hoisting Contest

   3:15 pm - Fetching Fraulein and Masculine "Manly Man" Contest

​   4:00 pm - Announcements: Car Show Best of Show, People's Choice Winners;          Beer Pong Winners (if any remain standing.) and Last chance to put Raffle            Tickets in for Drawing at 4:30. (need not be present to win.)

   4:00 pm -  Final Brat Toss Contest

  4:30 pm - Drunken Yodeling Contest (oh dear...maybe, maybe not )

   Until closing at 5:00 - Continue eating, drinking. dancing, and frolicking with friends!