The fun, the traditional OktoberFest music, the games and dancing fills the day. Polka or Chicken Dance or shimmying and shaking unabashedly around the floor. The continentals will help you get into OktoberFest mode! You know what they say -- "Dance like nobody's watching!"

AND THEN, there's even MORE fun when the "OktoberFest After Party" gets underway for the evening! Yes, we'll still sing some beer songs, do a little polka, etc. But...this night is also for the "gotta dance party crowd" and we expect to keep our OktoberFest playfulness going with some music that will definitely NOT be considered traditional OomPahPah, brought to you by brought to you by our DJ FUSE. More beer, more play, more food, more games and room to dance 'til you drop!

OktoberFest Music - OomPahPah!