​​​So you like to play games??? We do too!      

Beer Pong, Brat Toss, Beer Stein Hoist, Ja! 

Have a good eye and good aim? How about a challenging game of Beer Pong?

A little easier than Beer Pong, but sillier, get your partner and join in the Brat Toss.


Are you a STRONG GUY or GAL?  Want to show everyone? The Beer Stein Hoisting is made just for YOU!

​​And finally, if you just like to "watch" everyone else play, but like to dress up and pretend, you've got a chance to win our Best Bavarian Dressed Family, or the most FetchingFraulein, or the most "Manly" Man Contest. 


Shshshshhhh....There's a rumor going around that there "may" be a Yodeling Contest. (Probably perpetuated by us.) Well, it ALL DEPENDS...on whether or not somebody has loosened up enough to take up the mic and take on the challenge. Personally, we'd LOVE to see it. Realistically, we'll wait and see what happens! You know...cowboys yodel...we have cowboys in Newark....it's not too far a stretch to picture that....is it?