A Special Brew from our local favorite brewer, Das Brew

What's your pleasure? At Newark Oktoberfest we will satisfy the tastes of all true German beer enthusiasts, because we are bringing some of your favorites. On this page you'll find listed some of the beers from our prior years' favorite selections, which are the likely contenders this year as well! Get that mug and get into the swing...OOmPahPah!  (And yes, of course there will be WINE too!)

Beer Here! What you'll find in our Biergarten...All German favorites - five on draft and five bottled. And of course....wine.

Bitburger Pilsner
Germany's #1 Draft Pilsner)

a Wheat Beer

(Germany's #1 Black Lager)


From the Oldest Independent Brewery in Munich - since 1328 - Augustiner-Brau Munchen
 Lagerbier Hell        Edelstoff Munich     Maximator Dopplebock

(The description of Maximator Dopplebock below is just one example of the quality beers you'll find at OktoberFest.)

Maximator Dopplebock

Reviewed as possibly the “best Doppelbock on the Planet” by some, beer is almost a religious experience in Germany, and a historical one, too.  Few greater examples of this exist than Munich’s Augustiner brewery, which dates back to 1328. Munich’s oldest brewery, Augustiner is less well known than its counterparts Spaten, Hacker-Pschorr, and Lowenbrau. But this brewery produces some truly wonderful beer, with Augustiner Maximator being perhaps the best of their brews, and maybe, just maybe mind you, the best doppelbock on the planet. Augustiner Maximator pours to a dark brown color with a creamy light brown head formation and a sweet, nutty malt nose. The head quickly subsides and leaves you with a very rich, nutty malty, chewy-toffeeish beer with a thick sweet body and a warming alcohol finish that is balanced nicely by a touch of grassy hops. Hints of chocolate and molasses are present, too. (Review by John Staradumsky)